Computational Science and Engineering announces new minor


Mike Koon, Engineering Communications Office

The Computational Science and Engineering program has introduced a new, 18-credit hour multidisciplinary minor.
The program expands upon the program's existing certification option and provides undergraduate students with a solid base in problem-solving and computation as a major tool for modeling complicated problems in science and engineering.
Enrollees in the program will be able to hone essential skills required to conduct computing experiments and acquire technical skills that will boost their resumes and course opportunities.
Students electing to pursue a CSE minor will choose a course option in each of three main core areas – programming, applied math, and computational methods, as well as three 400-level CSE computing elective courses, one of which could be an independent study.
The new undergraduate minor is more rigorous than the certificate option. It includes additional hours of coursework distinct from credit earned for the student’s major or another minor.
“Computation is widely considered as the ‘third pillar’ of science, alongside theory and experiment and is a major player in Big Data,” said Narayana Aluru, director of the CSE program at Illinois and an ECE ILLINOIS affiliate. “It is a relatively new paradigm for scientific research and engineering design in which large-scale simulation, data analysis, and high performance computing play a central role.”
Students are encouraged to contact their advisers about enrolling in the CSE program as they prepare to register for 2015-16 classes.