New Master of Engineering Online at Illinois ECE Launches


Ryann Monahan, Illinois ECE

Illinois ECE is excited to announce the launch of a professional Master of Engineering Online (M.Eng Online) program for students interested in expanding their technical knowledge in electrical and computer engineering. The new program offers unprecedented online access to distinguished faculty, industry leaders, and more advanced course offerings than ever before. The program is designed to advance students professionally by positioning them at the forefront of a rapidly changing era of technology. 

The M.Eng Online is geared towards working professionals with a desire to expand their expertise and advance their careers by taking cutting-edge graduate coursework. 

  • No travel– all requirements can be completed entirely online. Faculty will hold dedicated virtual office hours to assist M.Eng Online students and answer any questions they might have.
  • This is a non-thesis coursework-only degree requiring 32 credit hours to complete, including at least four hours of professional development.
  • Applicants are expected to have a four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering or a related field.
  • It is expected that most M.Eng Online students will be able to complete all degree requirements in five years or less (counting only fall and spring terms).
  • For full consideration, applications for the Fall 2020 semester should be received no later than June 30, 2020.

Illinois ECE’s M.Eng Online distinguishes itself from typical online programs by offering exceptional networking and professional development opportunities, connecting participants to industry leaders world-wide. Distinguished colloquiums and keynote speakers also offer unique insight into industry, bring new opportunities for connections and advancement in knowledge, skills, and professional development. 

Developing the skills necessary to connect effectively and harmoniously with others on digital platforms is essential in today’s world. Skills gained are an important complement to being highly knowledge-based. Adapting to personal interactions in a digitally advanced world is now a requirement on a global scale. The degree program is armed with a focus on soft-skill development deeply valued by the most forward-thinking companies in today’s digital world. Students become a part of a cohort, offering opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and allowing students to gain robust understandings and the advanced education needed to compete and contribute.

The Illinois ECE M.Eng Online curriculum is designed to keep professionals competitive and at the forefront of technological advances. In the past two years, Illinois ECE faculty have developed 34 new graduate-level courses in emerging topics, such as robotics, machine learning, quantum computing, autonomous systems, blockchain, and data analytics. Students will have the ability to select from among these new courses and the dozens of other graduate-level offerings, resulting in a customized experience tailored to their interests. The classes connect participants with peers and subject-matter experts and prepare them to advance in their chosen field.

The courses are taught by award-winning and patent-holding faculty members who are distinguished leaders in both academia and industry. Faculty research, discover, and teach in real-time bringing students the most up-to-date research and technological advances.

An era of rapidly changing technology requires robust understandings and advanced education to compete and contribute.   This program brings you into the fold of innovation that happens every day in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and offers an opportunity to transform yourself personally and professionally. 

More information can be found at  For full consideration, applications for the Fall 2020 semester should be received no later than June 30, 2020.