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The Engineer (text and video; London, Nov. 26) -- U. of I. electrical and computer engineering professor Joseph Lyding has developed a way to join carbon nanotubes to turn them into more efficient transistors. The “nano-soldering” method was created by engineers at Illinois as a way of joining carbon nanotubes for use in flexible electronic components as an easier-to-manufacture alternative to traditional silicon transistors. The researchers claim the technique, which involves using gases to deposit metal molecules on the nanotubes as they heat up, improves the performance of nanotube devices by an order of magnitude. Also: Chemistry (Berlin, Nov. 27), ECNMag (Rockaway, N.J., Nov. 26), New Electronics (London, Nov. 27), Science 360 (Washington, D.C., Nov. 26), (Douglas, Isle of Man, Nov. 25), Lab Manager (New Milford, Conn., Dec. 2), Printed Electronics World (Cambridge, England, Dec. 17).

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