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6/7/2018 3:43:16 PM

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Lynford L. Goddard
Lynford L. Goddard
ECE ILLINOIS Professor Lynford L Goddard was recently selected as a University Scholar for 2018-19. Founded in 1985, the system-wide Faculty Scholar Program recognizes outstanding members of the faculty and provides each of the recipients with funding for scholarly activities. 

Goddard was nominated to receive an allocation of $15,000 per year for three years. The recipients may use the funds for scholarly work through travel, equipment, or anything else that supports their university-related teaching or research. 

Goddard first joined the ECE ILLINOIS faculty in 2007 as an assistant professor after working as a post-doc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for two years. Goddard received his bachelor's degree in math and physics ('98) and his master's degree in electrical engineering ('03) and his PhD in physics ('05), all from Stanford University. His primary area of research lies within the fields of microelectronics and photonics. He is affiliated with both the Micro and Nanotechnology Lab and the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology.

His research group, the Photonics Systems Laboratory, studies how light and lasers can be applied for sensing and measuring, communicating, and data processing. Their research focuses on how to fabricate, characterize, and model individual lasers and photodetectors, photonics-based sensors, instrumentation, and integrated circuits, as well as developing new processing, inspection, characterization techniques, and testing novel semiconductor materials and devices. 



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