Overzet chosen as department head of electrical engineering at UT Dallas

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Lawrence Overzet (BSEE '83, MS '85, PhD '88) has taken over as head of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas. Overzet joined UT Dallas as a professor in 1988. He has varied research interests, but he has primarily focused on plasma etching and plasma deposition - either removing or adding materials using plasma technologies.

"Department head is a position of service," Overzet said. "It is my goal to serve the department well, and to treat my colleagues and students fairly and rightly, to be helpful in moving things along. I need to be giving of myself - my energy, my intelligence - so that they can do better."

He follows most recent department head Jim Coleman (BSEE '72, MS '73, PhD '75), who stepped down to focus on developing the Texas Photonics Center.

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