Craig Zilles

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Craig Zilles
Associate Professor
  • Computer Science
4112 Siebel Center for Comp Sci
201 N. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana Illinois 61801

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Research Statement

My research asks the question "Can we build computers that are fast and easy to program?" Moore's law enables the construction of massive processor arrays with amazing peak throughput, but exploiting the potential of such an architecture generally requires programmers to consider the target implementation when writing their programs. I believe that programmers have enough to worry about without such considerations. Programmers should be free to program at the highest possible level of abstraction to maximize their productivity and to focus on the correctness, reusability, and maintainability of their code. Performance should not be their concern. Instead, a high performance execution should be derived automatically from the high-level program specification provided by the programmer.

Research Interests

  • computer architecture, compiler construction, dynamic optimization, program profiling, speculation, general-purpose processors, managed languages, dynamic languages, computer science education, concept inventories

Research Areas

  • Compilers
  • Computer architecture
  • Fault tolerance and reliability
  • Operating systems
  • Parallel processing

Courses Taught

  • CS 126 - Software Design Studio
  • CS 199 - Software Design Studio
  • CS 232 - Computer Architecture II
  • CS 233 - Computer Architecture
  • CS 296 - Honors Course
  • CS 397 - Individual Study
  • CS 398 - Computer Architecture
  • CS 398 - Web App Development
  • CS 498 - Intro to Online Learning Sys
  • CS 499 - Senior Thesis
  • CS 528 - Obj-Oriented Progrmg & Design
  • CS 597 - Individual Study
  • CS 599 - Thesis Research
  • ENG 498 - Intro to Online Learning Sys