ECE 410 - Neural Circuits and Systems

Fall 2022

Neural Circuits and SystemsECE410NS77869LEC31500 - 1550 M W F    Jont Allen
Neural Circuits and SystemsECE410NS477870LEC41500 - 1550 M W F    Jont Allen
Neural Circuits and SystemsNE410NS77873LEC31500 - 1550 M W F    Jont Allen
Neural Circuits and SystemsNE410NS477874LEC41500 - 1550 M W F    Jont Allen

Official Description

Introduction to modeling functions of neurons and systems of neurons in the brain. Topics include Boolean signal processing, nonlinear diffusion equations, delay-and-add synaptic signal processing. Integrates information from the structure and physiology from a single neuron up to the assembly of brain circuits. Examples presented to discuss neural circuit and systems include the auditory, and to a lesser extent, visual system. Course concludes with a look at theories of brain function built up from systems of neurons. Course Information: Same as NE 410. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: MATH 285 or equivalent. CS 101 or equivalent.