Computing systems hardware and software

Members of ECE ILLINOIS faculty are doing work that emphasizes systems, within both hardware and software. This includes work in the areas of algorithms and computational complexity; compilers; computer-aided design; computer architecture; databases; embedded, real-time, hybrid systems; hardware verification and testing; logic design and VLSI, operating systems; parallel processing; and programming languages. In all these areas, the focus is on how all parts of computers work together to solve many different kinds of problems.

Current research projects in computing systems hardware and software include automatic assertion generation, analysis, synthesis, and programming techniques which can help the creation of bug-free systems, and single-ISA heterogeneous multi-core architecture and conjoined-core architectures.

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Related courses

Number Title Prerequisites
ECE 508 Manycore Parallel Algorithms Credit in CS 420 or ECE 408
ECE 511 Computer Architecture Credit in CS 433 or ECE 411 Website
ECE 512 Computer Microarchitecture Credit in ECE 511
Credit in CS 426
ECE 584 Embedded System Verification