Networking and distributed computing

Faculty in this group are focused on both theoretical and experimental research, with strong collaborations bridging the boundaries. A continuous stream of seminars, student feedback sessions, relevant courses, visits from industry practitioners, and various student-led activities make this a serious and exciting research group to be a part of.

Networking and distributed computing includes research on :

  1. wireless networking,
  2. mobile computing,
  3. cloud computing and data center architectures
  4. distributed algorithms and systems, and
  5. embedded sensing.

Research topics in these areas underpin a broad range of applications, including:

  1. mmWave and 5G cellular networks
  2. wireless autonomous systems (self-driving cars and drones)
  3. internet of things (IoT)
  4. scheduling and energy efficiency in data centers
  5. queueing systems
  6. fault-tolerance in social networks
  7. wearable computing and inference
  8. Internet and IoT security
  9. wireless sensing and imaging
  10. compressive sensing and machine learning
  11. acoustic sensing and networking
  12. mobile health
  13. measurements
  14. network tomography
  15. power-grid networks
    and many others.

Faculty with primary interest in this area

Faculty with secondary interest in this area

Related courses

Number Title Prerequisites
ECE 567 Communication Network Analysis Credit in CS 438
Credit in ECE 534 or MATH 464 or MATH 564