Networking and distributed computing

Networking and distributed computing includes research on cloud computing, computer networking, distributed algorithms and distributed and peer-to-peer systems. In this area, creating efficient architectures and algorithms for large and complex networks such as cloud, social networks and the Internet can help answer questions about response time within the cloud, how to increase throughput of a system processing Big Data, and how to monitor a system.

Current research projects include a focus on focus on exploiting physical layer (PHY) capabilities toward wireless protocol design, often on the software radio platforms; and working to build systems that preserve privacy and anonymity in wireless networks to overcome attackers that can correlate individual wireless transmissions. They also include load balancing for web services in the cloud, data replication and placement in the cloud, and compressed measurements in large networks.

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Related courses

Number Title Prerequisites
ECE 567 Communication Network Analysis Credit in CS 438
Credit in ECE 534 or MATH 464 or MATH 564