Microelectronics and photonics

Microelectronics research investigates semiconductor materials and device physics for developing electronic and photonic devices and integrated circuits with data/energy efficient performance in terms of speed, power consumption, and functionality. Photonics research studies laser devices, detectors, sensors, optical systems, and the effects of quantum mechanics on the behavior of electron and photon interaction.

Current projects include research on MBE and MOCVD ultrathin layer and 3-D material materials; LEDs; LETs; high speed oxide-VCSELs and transistor lasers for petabit data interconnect and communications; silicon photonics; quantum-cascade lasers; terahertz transistor and integrated circuits; detectors; antennas; sensors; MEMs switches; Bio-MEMs; carbon-based devices (graphene and nanotube); excimer laser processes for displays; III-V-based MOSFETs; nanosphere drug delivery; and cell encapsulation.

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Related courses

Number Title Prerequisites
ECE 304 Photonic Devices
ECE 340 Semiconductor Devices Credit in ECE 210
Credit in PHYS 214
Credit or concurrent registration in ECE 329
ECE 441 Physics and Modeling of Semiconductor Devices Credit in ECE 340 Website
ECE 443 LEDs and Solar Cells Credit in ECE 340 Website
ECE 444 IC Device Theory & Fabrication Credit in ECE 340 Website
ECE 455 Optical Electronics Credit in ECE 350 or PHYS 436 Website
ECE 465 Optical Communication System Credit in ECE 313 or STAT 410
Credit in ECE 350
ECE 466 Optical Communication Lab Credit or concurrent registration in ECE 465
ECE 481 Nanotechnology Credit in CHBE 457 or CHEM 442 or ME 485 or MSE 401 or PHYS 460 Website
ECE 485 Introduction to Microelectromechanical Devices and Systems Senior Standing Website
ECE 487 Introduction to Quantum Electronics Credit in PHYS 485
ECE 488 Compound Semiconductors and Devices Credit in ECE 340
Credit in ECE 350
ECE 495 Photonic Device Laboratory Credit in ECE 487
ECE 518 Adv Semiconductor Nanotech
ECE 523 Gaseous Electronics and Plasmas Credit in ECE 452
Credit in PHYS 485
ECE 532 Compound Semiconductors and Diode Lasers Credit in ECE 440
Credit in PHYS 486
ECE 535 Theory of Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices Website
ECE 536 Integrated Optics and Optoelectronics Credit in ECE 455 or ECE 487 or PHYS 486 Website
ECE 539 Advanced Theory of Semiconductors & Devices Credit in ECE 535
ECE 572 Quantum Optoelectronics
ECE 574 Nanophotonics Credit in ECE 455 or ECE 572
Credit in ECE 487 or PHYS 486