Biomedical imaging, bioengineering, and acoustics

Biomedical imaging, bioengineering, and acoustics research is advancing technology in ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), optical imaging, optical coherence tomography, and speech and hearing applications. Current research in these areas includes the development of a portable optical coherence device used in the operating room to detect the margins of breast cancer tumors during resection. By rapidly assessing the margins of resected tumors, surgeons can determine if the surgery was successful in capturing all of the cancer. Another application in this area involves the development of quantitative ultrasound techniques for improving the diagnostic potential of ultrasonic imaging in medicine. Modern imaging techniques can detect many tissue abnormalities, showing high sensitivity. However, these techniques are not always good at characterizing if these abnormalities are benign or malignant, and so they show low specificity. By developing quantitative imaging techniques, the specificity of ultrasound will be increased. Other projects include the development of techniques to measure and characterize the acoustic properties of the ear for improving and personalizing hearing aids.

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