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Vijayvergiya named as a Knight of St. Patrick




Richa Vijayvergiya (BSEE '20)
Richa Vijayvergiya (BSEE '20)

Illinois ECE senior Richa Vijayvergiya (BSEE '20) was recently named as one of the 2020 Knights of St. Patrick award winners. The prestigious Knights of St. Patrick award is presented to 8-15 College of Engineering students who exhibit leadership, excellence in character, and exceptional contributions to the College and its students. 


The award originates from the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1903, where students believed that only an engineer could have accomplished as great of a feat as driving away snakes from Ireland. Thus, St. Patrick himself must have been an engineer and he became a symbol of honor and achievement amongst engineering students.

Vijayvergiya's primary research interest lies in renewable energy and sustainability. She is also interested in the implementation of renewable and sustainable energy in developing countries.

Following graduation, Vijayvergiya will be working at Accenture and eventually hopes to work for NGOs later to help people in developing countries get resources for their growth and success.

"I am very honored and deeply humbled to have received this award. There's a flood of emotions and I don't know how to express them in words, but I do want to say thank you," said Vijayvergiya. "Thank you to all my friends, family, peers, teachers, and everyone that helped me get this far."

Vijayvergiya will be honored at the annual Knights of St. Patrick Ball in March. An engraved plaque of each Knights class is permanently hung in the main hallway of the Engineering Hall.