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ECE ILLINOIS alumnus featured 2019 Crain's Tech 50



Joe Jablonski (BSEE '93) - photo courtesy of Crain's Chicago
Joe Jablonski (BSEE '93) - photo courtesy of Crain's Chicago
ECE ILLINOIS alumnus Joe Jablonski (BSEE '93) was recently featured on the 2019 Crain's Chicago Business Tech 50 list, an annual list comprised of the new stars, faces, and heroes of technology in Chicago. Jablonski is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Ocient, a high-performance data analytics and machine learning platform.

Ocient provides a standard SQL interface to analyze the world’s largest structured datasets achieving speeds of processing of trillions of records per second. According to an article from the Grainger College of Engineering, Jablonski founded or co-founded five startups in the last 20 years – the consulting firm Visibility Systems; Acumence, a software product company that analyzes massive amounts of data for manufacturing companies; WeGather, a fundraising platform for non-profits; a data storage service for Cleversafe clients; and Ocient.

Per Crain's Chicago, Jablonski excels at approaching tough, overlooked problems in technology. Jablonski has extensive experience with Big Data and the Internet of Things throughout his career and is now working with social entrepreneur Chris Gladwin in an effort to tackle massive databases. 

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