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ECE ILLINOIS alumnus' startup wins Newsweek Blockchain Impact Award



Lucas Hendren (BSEE '15)
Lucas Hendren (BSEE '15)
ECE ILLINOIS alumnus Lucas Hendren (BSEE '15) is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SimplyVital Health, a startup that recently won Newsweek's Blockchain Impact Award.

Allowing patients to pay for the outcomes rather than procedures and doctor visits, SimplyVital Health will securely provide medical records for patients that they can access through their phones.

Hendren and his team developed a network of tools to let "patients, hospitals, doctors, insurers and pharmaceutical companies share medical information quickly and efficiently" according to Newsweek. Since the records will be stored on a blockchain, the data will be reliable and fixed. 

SimplyVital Health is leading the charge in the health care industry to adopt blockchain. The company leads the Data Sharing Subcommittee at PhUSE, a nonprofit data science organization that works with pharmaceutical companies to make health care more efficient. Furthermore, they are also collaborating with Stanford's Department of Biomedical Data Science to make medical data more accessible for researchers.


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