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Bardeen and Holonyak, Jr., included in Illinois' top ten scientists


Elizabeth Yoon, ECE ILLINOIS

ECE ILLINOIS former faculty members John Bardeen and Nick Holonyak, Jr were recently listed in Illinois' top ten scientists. Through an online voting, Illinoisans were able to choose their ten favorites in twenty different categories, also known as The Top 200 project. This particular project allows voters to select their favorite leaders, inventions, businesses, etc. within the state. 

John Bardeen
John Bardeen
Former ECE ILLINOIS Professor Bardeen is recognized as the only individual to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics twice. The first was to reward his team for introducing solid state electronics and inventing the transitor. Today, the transitor is used in almost every piece of modern technology. In 1972, his research in superconductivity won him his second prize. Bardeen also served as Holonyak's doctoral advisor and claimed a spot in the ECE Hall of Fame.

John Bardeen Endowed Chair Emeritus Holonyak previously received the 2017 PSA (The Photographic Society of America) Progress Award for his invention of the first visible spectrum diode and LED. With the assistance of his students, Holonyak has managed to create a number of major optics-related inventions such as the visible laser and the use of LED in displays and lights. His contributions have earned him a variety of awards and honors such as the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Both Bardeen and Holonyak's inventions were created over 50 years ago but their accomplishments are still building their legacies to this day.