Popescu appointed associate editor for Optics Express

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  • As a recently appointed Associate Editor for Optics Express, Professor Popescu will manage the papers submitted to the microscopy and biomedical optics subfield.
  • Optics Express is a very high-impact publication.

Gabriel  Popescu
Gabriel Popescu

ECE Assistant Professor  Gabriel Popescu has been recently elected by the Optical Society of America’s Editorial Board as associate editor for Optics Express. Optics Express is an all-electronic journal for optics that offers rapid publication of original research and has an impact factor of 3.9.

“I’m happy to contribute to disseminating the most recent research results to our community,” Popescu said. “It’s a way of doing service in a high-impact field.”

As associate editor, Popescu will manage submissions to the microscopy and biomedical optics subfield. He will assign reviewers for a paper, and based on the reviews, decide if the paper is published.

“Optics Express, as the title suggests, offers a very short submission-to-publication time, and that is, I think, one of the reasons why it gained such high impact in a relatively short period of time,” Popescu said.

Popescu has been a reviewer for a variety of publications, including Optics Express, but this will be his first time as an editor. He will hold the position for three years.

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