HKN hosts special NanoFab tour

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10/13/2019 2:52:48 PM

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NanoFab tour
NanoFab tour

This past weekend, the Alpha Chapter (Founding) of HKN, the honors society for ECE ILLINOIS hosted a special NanoFab tour. "Everyone when they walk into the ECEB, sees the NanoFab but not everyone knows what happens in there or why people wear those bodysuits," said ECE ILLINOIS junior Sanat Pandey who is also the Outreach Director for HKN. "We want people to know about this million-dollar facility."

ECE ILLINOIS's NanoFabrication Lab boasts a clean room with 4,000 square feet that sits in the entry hall of the ECEB as its technical crow jewel. The clean room is one of the few in the nation that is used for undergraduate research. 

"Furthermore there are a number of misconceptions about the lab; therefore, as someone who has worked in the lab for multiple semesters, I wanted more people to know about this awesome lab."

According to Dr. Dane Joseph Sievers, Engineering Teaching Lab Coordinator, and Catherine Somers, Assistant Head for Administration, the event was a success. Dr. Paul J Froeter, Engineering Teaching Lab Specialist, gave an informative talk to about 25 members of the audience. 

"We would like to continue this even in the future and make it a regular event," said Pandey.

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