Corum awarded 2019 SPaRC Outstanding Service Award

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7/30/2019 2:51:28 PM

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Scott  Corum
Scott Corum
ECE ILLINOIS Sponsored Research Coordinator Scott Corum was recently awarded the 2019 SPaRC Outstanding Service Award in honor of his exceptional work with coordinating proposal submissions. Corum joined the University of Illinois in August of 2010 as an Academic Hourly. A year later, he became a Visiting Specialist and transitioned into a permanent position in May 2012. In September of 2013, Corum was hired by SPA as a Proposal Coordinator and joined ECE ILLINOIS in May of 2016 as the Sponsored Research Coordinator.

Every year, Corum submits about 90 proposals, totaling approximately $50 million dollars excluding budget modifications, NDA's, AOR's, TTA's, etc. Along with his impeccable work, Corum has brought a detailed and personal perspective of proposal requirements, sponsor systems, and potential issues with submissions. ECE ILLINOIS currently manages $36.2 million in anticipated dollars, and Scott is a huge contributor to that success. 

Asides from proposal submissions, Corum also handles a broad range of responsibilities. He updates the departmental website with funding opportunities and is savvy with extracting useful reports from online. Corum also manages the faculty unrestricted gifts, performs budget transfers, cost transfers, labor redistributions, and maintains the department's revolving fund.

The SPaRC (Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance), is a comprehensive working group devoted to the management and administration of sponsored programs at UIUC. Yearly, they take nominations for Career Achievement, Collaboration, Innovation, and Outstanding Service. Scott was awarded the latter and will be presented with a plaque at the 2019 SPaRC retreat held on September 6, 2019.

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