Huang wins SIGDA Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award

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3/11/2019 3:23:44 PM

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ECE ILLINOIS Research Assistant Professor Tsung-Wei Huang recently won the 2019 ACM SIGDA Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award in Electronic Design Automation. A highly prestigious and competitive award, the ACM Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award is given to an outstanding PhD dissertation that makes the most substantial contribution to the theory and/or application in the field of electronic design automation according to their website

Huang's award-winning thesis is entitled "Distributed Timing Analysis" and is a collection of his research works to solve critical challenges in timing analysis, parallel programming, and distributed computing. 

Tsung-Wei  Huang
Tsung-Wei Huang
"There are many challenges. The design complexity is extremely large today and we are talking about tens of billions of components in a single chip," said Huang. "A key area is applying the power of the cloud to electronic design automation (EDA) to boost the productivity. We need a productive, secure, and scalable approach to deal with the ever-increasing design complexity. This is also one key contribution of my thesis."

Design automation has gained widespread acceptance by the VLSI circuits and systems design community. Advancement in computer-aided design (CAD) methodologies, algorithms, and tools have become increasingly important to cope with the rapidly growing complexity, higher performance and low-power requirements, and shorter time-to-market demands. 

"It's a great encouragement to me. The dissertation is a masterpiece of four years of work. Being recognized by this extremely competitive award really gives me a big feeling of reward."

Check out the SIGDA website for more information on the award

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