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8/30/2012 2:42:00 PM

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By: Lyndsey Taylor

During their deployment in Iraq, Tony Genovese, Michael Pett and Blake Schroedter decided to start a business that would serve the interests of many different niches: military personnel, moms, and the weight-loss community.

Easy-Go Dispenser is a portable, spill-free container that dispenses a full day’s worth of protein powder, baby formula, etc… into a water bottle to produce an instant protein shake.

Since Blake Schroedter drew the dispenser idea on a cocktail napkin, Easy-Go Dispenser has grown into a multiple-product company.

After approximately eight prototypes, and extensive Beta testing, Easy-Go has pre-sold over $24,000 worth of products to customers online, said the Chief Financial Officer Michael Pett. The Dispenser craze includes the United States, Australia and Canada. Pett said the success may be due to word of mouth, Facebook, press coverage, and online ads.

This summer, the Easy-Go team started manufacturing and shipping out their pre-ordered products to customers. “It’s finally happening,” Pett said.

Due to the high demand of products, the company has decided to expand their company by producing more products, such as apparel.

Pett said the goal of the company is to build a “great reputation” and product.

“We’re like the little engine that could,” Pett said.

One of the most challenging aspects to pursuing a start-up has been getting others to understand the product and company, he said. However, the customer feedback has been rewarding.

In a few years, Pett hopes to devote full time to the company and eventually have an office in Champaign. 

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