ECE ILLINOIS alumnus' startup makes Silicon Valley accelerator's list of 100 most successful companies

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10/30/2018 4:36:03 PM

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ECE ILLINOIS alumnus and ShipBob co-founder Divey Gulati (BS CompE '09)
ECE ILLINOIS alumnus and ShipBob co-founder Divey Gulati (BS CompE '09)
In 2014, ECE ILLINOIS alumnus Divey Gulati (BS CompE '09) founded his startup ShipBob, an e-commerce logistics company that helps smaller businesses quickly ship their wares. In Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator's most recently published list of the top 100 YC companies by valuation, ShipBob was ranked 56th on the list, along with some big names including Airbnb, Twitter, and Reddit.

Y Combinator has served as a launching pad for many billion-dollar tech companies with 19 of its startups reaching the $1 billion valuation point and helping more than 90 companies grow to valuations of $100 million or more. ShipBob raised $40 million in September, "bringing its total amount of VC funding to $62 million" according to AmericanInno. Although Shipbob's exact valuation is unknown, venture capital firms such as Menlo Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners, and Hyde Park Angels are backing ShipBob.

Gulati received his BS in computer engineering in 2009 and received his MBA from Illinois in 2013. He founded ShipBob in 2014 after being inspired to automate e-commerce fulfillment while working on his former startup SnailMail Pics. Since then, ShipBob has developed software that makes life easier for e-commerce business owners by seamlessly automating e-commerce fulfillment. 

Read more about ShipBob at AmericanInno.

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