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  • ECE senior Bradley Sturt received the 2013 Google Lime Scholarship.
  • The scholarship awards students with disabilities in computer science or engineering with $10,000 toward tuition and a visit to New York City for the Google Scholars Retreat.
  • At the retreat, Sturt networked with affiliates of Google and participated in a 24-hour Hackathon for local not-for-profits in New York City.

ECE senior Bradley Sturt has received the 2013 Google Lime Scholarship. Awarded to students with disabilities studying computer engineering or computer science, the scholarship offers $10,000 for tuition and the chance to visit Google’s office in New York City for the annual Google Scholars Retreat.

Bradley Sturt at the Google Scholars Retreat
Bradley Sturt at the Google Scholars Retreat
The Google Lime Scholarship has been awarded to computer science and engineering students with disabilities since 2009, when Google and Lime Connect joined forces for the program. In that first year, another ECE student, Matthew Strom, was one of the first recipients of the award. On receiving the 2013 scholarship, Sturt said, “I'm incredibly honored to have been chosen for this award. It means so much for my family and it will provide a lot of help for us financially this year.”

At the Google Scholar’s Retreat in June, Sturt was introduced to other scholarship recipients. “I loved meeting and learning from these amazing, talented college students from around the world who are also recognized as Google scholars.” The three-day retreat included the opportunity to attend tech talks and participate in developmental activities and sessions. Networking with other scholars and affiliates of Google was one of the most important parts of the experience for Sturt. “In particular, the collaboration and discussions between people of such different backgrounds is really incredible.”

When asked why he chose Illinois, Sturt said, “U of I is well known for being an amazing engineering program, in particular an incredible ECE program, I’ve been unbelievably impressed by it.” Sturt is studying computer engineering. “I wanted a program that would give me a broad foundation to understand how the different parts of computing fit together, and computer engineering has been an amazing curriculum.” He’s also part of the Hoeft Technology & Management Program at Illinois, which bridges the gap between traditional engineering and business education for highly qualified undergraduates.

Along with Sturt’s clear dedication and passion for computer engineering, what makes the Google Lime Scholarship especially fitting is that his disability drove his interest in computers from a young age. “My disability affects my handwriting ability. Computers allowed me to be able to be successful in school, because they allowed me to not have to rely on precise control of my hands like handwriting did. So that’s where a lot of my initial passion for computers came from.”

On the final day of the Google Scholars Retreat was a 24-hour Hackathon called 24HoursOfGood for local non-for-profits in New York City. Sturt said, “It was great to work with other students that were from around the world in a group to help. We worked on adding some features to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s website. It was awesome to give back, and it was a really great time.”

After graduation, Sturt plans to pursue his interests wherever they may lead him. “I'm passionate about the intersection of data science and computer software with broader areas like business, public policy, and education.” He is considering both further education and opportunities in industry. “I’m really hoping to find ways to make a difference in the world around me, but I’m still exploring the different ways I can do that.”

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