Alumnus Jake Battle turns coding into a lifelong career

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Rebecca Nash, ECE ILLINOIS
2/10/2017 2:05:47 PM

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Alumnus Jake Battle (BSCompE '96), Senior Staff Engineer for Civis Analytics, encourages engineers with a passion for coding to consider turning it into a career. With high demands for coders across all industries and competitive salaries to match, coding has become a progressively attractive career path. 

Jake Battle (BSCompE '96), Senior Staff Engineer for Civis Analytics
Jake Battle (BSCompE '96), Senior Staff Engineer for Civis Analytics
"The core idea I've always found compelling about programming is that writing code is fundamentally an act of creation. When we write a program, no matter how small, it is like creating our very own little universe. We write the rules of that universe and get to watch how those rules play out," Battle discusses in an article published by Built in Chicago

Civis Analytics is a startup dedicated to helping companies interpret their data so they can make smarter decisions with their business. The company even powered former President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012 with polling predictions that captured the attention of voters.

"I've worked at several different companies in Chicago over the years and always found the people I've worked with to be humble, smart, committed, and hardworking," said Battle about the coding community. "Even after 20 years, I'm still learning from my teammates."

To learn more about Chicago coding startups, check out the Built in Chicago article published on February 9, 2017. 

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