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  • Gov. Quinn signed "Illinois Jobs Now!" including funds for John Bardeen Hall.
  • $47.5 million is designated for Bardeen Hall.
  • That sum is roughly half the required construction budget.

On July 13, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law the
On July 13, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law the "Illinois Jobs Now!" plan. Included within that are funds for the construction of the new ECE building.
On July 13, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
signed into law a collection of bills dubbed the “Illinois Jobs Now!” plan. Contained within these bills were funds to support the construction of the new ECE building.

“This is a crucial economic recovery initiative that will generate what’s needed most in Illinois: jobs, jobs, jobs,” said Governor Quinn in a press release. “‘Illinois Jobs Now!’ provides many long-awaited improvements to our bridges and roads, transportation networks, schools and communities.”

Among these state funds, $47.5 million is designated for use in the new ECE building. This will cover half of the $95 million dollar project budget approved by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

“This day has been roughly 20 years in the making,” said ECE Professor Philip T Krein, who is the chair of the New Building Committee. “We are excited to see the building move from discussion and planning to design and construction.”  

ECE Department Head Andreas C Cangellaris said, “Considering the defining impact that the ECE faculty and alumni have had and continue to have on the computing and communications technology revolution, the approval by Governor Quinn of the State's investment in a new ECE building signifies Illinois' commitment to leadership in technological innovation in the 21st century. We are most thankful to the State for their support.”

ECE can now focus on its efforts to raise the other half of the funds necessary for the building. “There are many opportunities for individuals, groups of former students, and corporations to help make the new ECE Building a reality,” said ECE Development Director Jonathan Hill. “John Bardeen Hall will be the future home for our students and faculty, and stand as a lasting testimonial to the impact of ECE ILLINOIS on past, present, and future engineering education and innovation.”

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