TEC Alumni Series: The Ryan Clark Edition

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7/13/2011 4:03:00 PM

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By: Lyndsey Taylor

URBANA, Ill. (July 13, 2011)— According to Ryan Clark, working with twin brother Ashton has its occasional downsides, but overall the two balance out each other’s  strengths in their business ventures.

Clark has been working with his brother on several projects, including UTicketIt.com, a general admission ticketing event website they created while at the University of Illinois.

While at the University, Clark was named 2009 Black Engineer of the Year. He also participated in the Idea to Product® competition and the Cozad New Venture Competition through the Technology Entrepreneur Center.

LudaKicks, an online athletic sneaker company started by the Clark brothers has been their project since 2005 when they were in high school. Clark said they update the LudaKicks Twitter site almost every hour with information about new sneaker styles.

Clark said he balances his many projects by building teams within each company to promote their sites

“It’s really about time management,” he said. “If you know you have do get something done, you just do it.” Prioritizing is another important tool Clark uses to stay on top of work. But Clark’s businesses aren’t all work and no play. Clark said taking ideas and bringing them to fruition are what makes the ventures fun, but there are challenges as well.

“What’s difficult is to get people to find out what you’re doing consistently,” he said. Finding inexpensive ways to communicate to others and advertise their businesses is also challenging

Clark said it’s important to help and work with others who are trying to start businesses. “It doesn’t matter that you’re successful. What matters is what you do after you gain success.”

Mentoring others and sharing their experiences with business is something Clark feels is important. Taking risks and networking are also tools Clark feels every aspiring entrepreneur should use.

Network heavily while you’re at school. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t know the dean or the people in the admissions office.”

While Clark is busy running several start-ups, he still finds free time to play tennis and play piano at local churches. Clark said he would also like to travel more, to “see what else is out there in the world.”

Clark and his brother are also going to co-host the PBS show, “Over Exposure” which will compare the pros and cons of technology uses. According to Clark, the twins are guaranteed a segment on every episode and when the show airs in six to eight months.

To view all of Ryan and Ashton’s sites, visit BarberTymeSalonTyme, LudaKicks, 247MixedTapes, UTicketIt, and the DynamikDuo.

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