Bernhard selected as editor for publisher's Antennas and Propagation book series

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By Susan Kantor, ECE ILLINOIS

Story Highlights

  • ECE Professor Jennifer Bernhard will serve as editor for Artech House's Antennas and Propagation series.
  • She will recruit people to write books representing cutting edge topics in antennas and propagation and other related areas.
  • She sees this as a way to help showcase a vibrant and relevant research field.

Jennifer Bernhard
Jennifer Bernhard

ECE Professor Jennifer Bernhard was recently selected to serve as editor for Artech House’s Antennas and Propagation series. Artech House is a technical book publisher that publishes several book series in such areas as applied photonics, communications engineering, and bioinformatics and biomedical imaging.

“It was kind of a surprise. They sent me an e-mail out of the blue,” Bernhard said. “Once I considered it, I thought it would be a great outlet for me to have an impact on my discipline in a broader way.”
As series editor, Bernhard will recruit people to write books that she thinks will represent cutting edge topics, while being very useful for both scholars and working engineers in antennas and propagation, as well as other related areas.

With a great deal of professional service work behind her, Bernhard will use her access to the field, its experts, and the community to make contact with potential authors.

“I was president of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society a couple years ago,” she said. “That really allowed me view the professional community and their activities and technical interests very broadly. I was able to see and appreciate what many different people were doing around the world, not just in my own specific field, but in several related areas as well.”

Bernhard hopes to promote antennas and propagation so other people in and outside the field can see how vibrant and relevant the research is.

There are several topics she hopes to make more visible in the coming years, including flexible spectrum access, cognitive radio, and passive radar techniques, where radar images are acquired using existing transmitters’ energy. She would also like to promote advanced techniques for propagation and microwave/millimeter wave imaging that can be used for buried object detection and foliage penetration. These have security, information-gathering, and environmental-monitoring applications.

“There are many application areas that can leverage a number of different technologies and techniques in the antennas and propagation field,” she said. “My goal is to further develop the Antennas and Propagation Series so that these resources are readily available to the researchers and engineers that need them.” 

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