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CSL Spotlight Lecture: "Evolution of Digital Imaging: From First Digital Cameras to AR/VR"

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Speaker Ohad Meitav, Director of Computer Vision, Oculus/Facebook
Date: 9/13/2017
Time: 4 p.m.

CSL Auditorium (B02)


Coordinated Science Lab

Event Type: Lecture

In 2000, I founded the team at Zoran that launched the digital imaging revolution by enabling the modern-day digital still camera.  Zoran created the industry's first integrated image signal processor (ISP) that enabled the compact form factor digital camera when coupled with CCD (and later CMOS) image sensor. From 2005, Zoran's ISP was in over 40% of digital cameras, a market of over 150 M units. And from there, with the growth of the smartphone, the legacy of Zoran lives on in the pockets of over 2B humans.
Now, at Oculus, the story is about Augmented and Virtual Reality.  I see parallels between digital imaging and the coming revolution of AR/VR.  The potential of this technology is so incredibly immense that when new experiences and new forms of digital content are blended together it creates a new reality. The evolution of digital cameras gives us a good perspective on the path AR/VR will take and how quickly we'll get there.

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