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"Static and dynamic properties of InAs quantum dot"

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Speaker Visiting Professor Gadi Eisenstein, Director of the Russel Berrie Nanotechnology Institute at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Date: 7/20/2017
Time: 3 p.m.

ECEB 3081



Event Type: Lecture

Recent advances in epitaxial growth of InAs/InP quantum dots (QD) led to optical gain material with an extremely large modal gain of 15 cm-1 per dot layer. This large gain results from a very high dot density and a vast improvement in the dot uniformity. The high-quality gain material enables lasers with superb properties such as a very low temperature sensitivity of the threshold current, the differential slope efficiency and the output power. Narrow linewidth DFB lasers have also been demonstrated with linewidths in the range of 100-300 KHz representing an ??parameter of less than 1. The lasers exhibit also a very large differential gain which yields wide bandwidths in small signal measurements as well as a capability of digital modulation at high rates. Moreover, these characteristics are maintained when the laser temperature is elevated to 800 C. The talk will survey the device technology, a comprehensive spatially and temporally resolved model used to design the lasers and finally, we will present record laser device performance. The same gain material was also used for QD optical amplifiers. These have also high temperatures operation capabilities and very interesting dynamics which allow high multi signal high bit rate signals to be amplified simultaneously at temperatures of up to 1000 C.

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