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CSL Seminar featuring John Khoury of Silicon Laboratories

Originating Calendar ECE ILLINOIS Seminars
Speaker John Khoury, Silicon Laboratories
Date: 12/5/2017
Time: 2 p.m.




Event Type: Seminar/Symposium

CSL Seminar: JOHN KHOURY Engineering Fellow at Silicon Laboratories; Image Rejection Theory and Mitigation Approaches

Students looking for internship and full-time job opportunities in any area of circuits, systems, and machine learning can meet the visitors to learn more about the opportunities at Silicon Laboratories at 3 p.m. in CSL 469B.

This seminar will review the problem of image rejection in wireless receivers and discuss the numerous approaches to mitigate its effect. Classical super-heterodyne receivers achieve image rejection with high-selectivity front-end RF tracking filters and careful choice of the IF frequency. In contrast, modern Integrated Circuit CMOS receivers typically use a low-IF complex architecture and either have a one-time calibration with a test signal or an autonomous DSP-based calibration that continuously adapts in the background to reject the image. Several examples are presented of the various approaches. The talk will emphasize an image cancellation technique that downconverts both the desired and image channel to baseband and uses a LMS-based signal separation algorithm. Simulation and experimental results will be presented.

JOHN KHOURY is an Engineering Fellow at Silicon Laboratories and currently works in the area of mixed-signal CMOS IC design for short range wireless IoT systems. He has held various engineering and management positions at Silicon Laboratories, Bell Laboratories and Multilink Technology. He was also an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University from 1995 to 1998. John’s research and product development work has included TV tuners, 10 Gbps transceivers, Class D amplifiers, sigma-delta modulators, and numerous wireless and wireline systems. He serves on the CICC technical program committee and previously served on the ISSCC and VLSI Symposium technical program committees.

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