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"System Software - from Petaflops to Semicolons"

Originating Calendar ECE ILLINOIS Explorations
Speaker NVIDIA
Arch D. Robison
Principal System Software Engineer
Date: 10/3/2018
Time: 5 p.m.

Grainger Auditorium, Room 1002 ECE Building

Event Contact:

Office of Advancement | 1070 ECE Building



Event Type: Seminar/Symposium

Building system software has challenges at multiple scales.  Starting at the large scale, computing in general, I’ll discuss the challenges at increasing smaller scales, all the way down to semicolons.  The trip along the way includes parallel computing, machine learning on GPUs, and mutant linear algebra.  I’ll point out the enduring aspects of these challenges and connect examples to those math classes that you thought you would never use.

Arch D. Robison is a Principal System Software Engineer at Nvidia.  He currently works on TensorRT, Nvidia’s high-performance inference platform for deep-learning.   He has worked in industry on compilers and parallel programming for 28 years: parallel seismic imaging at Shell, lead developer for KAI C++, the designer of Intel Threading Building Blocks, and contributor to the Julia language.  He’s an author of *Structured Parallel Programming: Patterns for Efficient Computation*, party to 21 software patents, and responsible for 4 winning entries in the International Obfuscated C Code Contest.   Arch has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and M.S./Ph.D. C.S. degrees from the University of Illinois. 

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