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"What is the driving force for AI Systems Research in an era of Cloud, Mobile and IoT?"

Originating Calendar Illinois ECE Explorations
Speaker Dr. Jinjun Xiong, Program Director and Researcher, IBM C3SR
Date: 10/23/2019
Time: 5 p.m.
Location: ECEB 1002, Grainger Auditorium
Event Contact: Bridget Hillier | Office of Advancement | 1070 ECE Building
Sponsor: ECE Illinois
Event Type: Seminar/Symposium

Abstract:  As Moore’s law runs out of steam with CMOS technology approaching fundamental limits, heterogeneous systems become increasingly popular as a promising solution to solve the challenges of insatiable demand for high capacity, low latency and high energy efficiency computing. The recent booming of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning in particular, has further boosted such a demand for computing systems, including cloud computing, mobile computing and Internet-of-things (IoT). This talk will discuss some of the research challenges resulting from these recent trends, and why a holistic AI systems research across the stack of software, middleware and heterogeneous hardware systems is of particular importance. He will show some exemplar research topics conducted at the IBM-ILLINOIS Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research (, and try to shed some lights on the future directions of across stack AI Systems research.

Bio:  Dr. Jinjun Xiong is currently the Program Director for Cognitive Computing Systems Research at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. He founded and co-directs the IBM-Illinois Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research (, where he conducts cutting-edge AI systems research. He was also a founding PI for the IBM Smarter Energy Research Institute (SERI) with deep collaboration with a number of large electrical utility companies world-wide. Prior to that, the technologies he developed has been implemented inside IBM’s flagship EinsTimer/EinsStat tools, design and test methodologies used for designing multi-generations of IBM’s high performance ASICs and Processors. He has published more than 100s peer-reviewed international conferences, including top AI conferences and systems conferences. His publication won five Best Paper Awards and eight Nominations for Best Paper Awards. He also led teams to win top awards for various international research competitions, including the recent double championships for the DAC'19 Systems Design Contest on object detection as implemented on low-power FPGA and GPU devices.


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