Transferring students

In the EE and CompE degree programs, you will learn the foundations you’ll need to be a strong engineer. You’ll get the opportunity to take electives to help you achieve your career goals, whether you want to work in industry, start your own company, or continue your education.

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Transferring to ECE from within the University

Earning a bachelor’s degree from ECE ILLINOIS gives budding engineers a solid foundation for their futures. ECE alumni go on to lead companies or start their own; many continue their education in engineering or countless other fields. The common thread: an undergraduate education at ECE ILLINOIS will prepare you to follow your dreams.


The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department welcomes transfer students with strong foundations in introductory calculus and physics.

Students who are considering a possible transfer to ECE should:

  1. Go to Engineering Academic Affairs (206 Engineering Hall) to get permission from a dean to pursue a transfer. This is not a commitment to transfer. See the College Guidelines for more details.
  2. Look at the ECE Curriculum and start taking math and physics classes.
  3. Take ECE 110: Introduction to Electronics. During preregistration time, if you have not yet been accepted into the ECE department and are required to take ECE 110 to determine if you can transfer in, sign up for 110 on the waiting list. We usually have seats for most students who are doing well in math and physics classes. Seat availability varies and assignments depend on how you are performing in your classes at Illinois. You will know if you get a seat after we obtain your grades for the current semester. We will email you (typically at the end of May for taking the class in the fall, or mid-January for taking the class in the spring).
  4. Talk to an adviser in 2120 ECE Building for planning classes.


If you love math, physics, and the idea of learning with the best, you should consider ECE ILLINOIS. Built on a foundation of hands-on learning and incredible innovations, the department features cutting-edge research, an incredible curriculum featuring classes you won’t find anywhere else, and the support you’ll need for a lifetime of success.


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