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Combined BS/M.Eng program

Illinois ECE students may combine the program's bachelor's degrees with the professional master of engineering degree in order to earn both degrees while on campus. They should apply within the program’s regular deadlines.

Current Illinois ECE students with at least 108 hours of credit obtained while enrolled in the ECE program and with overall Illinois and ECE GPA’s of at least 3.40 will be admitted to the combined BS/M.Eng program upon submission of a complete application. Letters of recommendation and GRE test scores are waived.

Current Illinois ECE students who do not meet the requirements stated above will be considered for admission to the combined BS/M.Eng program. Admission decisions are based on overall academic performance, letters of reference, and statement of purpose. The GRE general test is not required.

Students may apply for admission to the combined BS/M.Eng program through the Graduate College application portal. Students should select program "M.Eng: BS/M.Eng ECE -UIUC" to indicate that they wish to be considered for admission to the combined BS/M.Eng program.

Students admitted to the program:

  • are advised by personnel in both the Illinois ECE Undergraduate and Graduate Advising offices.
  • must earn at least 120 hours* of undergraduate credit and satisfy all BS requirements of this program for the BS to be conferred concurrently with the M.Eng.
  • will be formally admitted to the graduate program and will register as graduate students once they are within 12 hours of completing the BS component of the combined degree program. At this time, they will be considered graduate students and assessed graduate tuition and fees, even as they complete their undergraduate coursework.
  • must earn 32 total graduate hours of M.Eng coursework, but may take that coursework even as they finish their undergraduate coursework.
  • must satisfy the graduate student minimum residence requirement, which means that BS/M.Eng students must complete at least 24 graduate credit hours total while registered as a graduate student.
  • must maintain a graduate GPA of 3.00 or better in order to remain in the combined program.
  • are ineligible to hold research or teaching assistantships in any unit.

Withdrawal Policy: Students may withdraw from the joint BS/M.Eng program at any time by notifying the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and the Graduate Advising Office.

Students who do not complete all BS/M.Eng degree program requirements may request to have graduate hours earned converted to undergraduate hours and applied toward a traditional BS in Electrical Engineering or BS in Computer Engineering degree using the Change of Course Level Form. Students reverting to a traditional BS degree program must complete 128 hours and satisfy all degree requirements. Graduate credit not used to fulfill the BS degree requirements will remain on the transcript and may, at some future point, be considered for transfer to another degree program.

*The 120-hour BS degree from the BS/M.Eng program is not ABET accredited, but would be if the student withdrew from the M.Eng component and completed the requirements of the traditional 128-hour BS program.

Graduation Convocation/Commencement Policy: Starting Fall 2018, students in a 5-year BS/MS or M.Eng program will only be able to walk in a convocation/commencement ceremony once both programs are completed and will walk as a master’s graduate.  A joint degree program is a campus approved program in which a student concurrently pursues two specifically identified degrees and those degrees are conferred simultaneously. For graduate students, this is a combination of a graduate degree with one of the following: another graduate degree, an undergraduate degree or a professional degree.

Confirming Bachelor's Requirements are Met: Students in a joint bachelor’s/master’s degree must meet with the Engineering Undergraduate Program’s Degree Conferral person in the Engineering Undergraduate Program Office, room 206 Engineering Hall, to ensure all requirements have been met for the bachelor’s degree. The degree audit must be completed no more than one week after the first day of the first term enrolled as a BS/M.Eng student.  

In addition, students must submit any required paperwork to confer either their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree no later than November 1 for a December conferral or April 1 for a May conferral. If paperwork is not submitted by this deadline, the college cannot guarantee that your degree will be conferred for that degree conferral period.

Adding Name to Degree Conferral List: Students in a joint bachelor’s/master’s degree program must add their name to both the bachelor’s degree conferral list and the master’s degree conferral list in order to graduate.  Students must add their name by the designated deadlines for each degree.  If either deadlines is missed, this may require the student to wait until the next degrees conferral period.