ECE 496/499 Senior Research and Thesis: Another Way of Receiving ECE 445 Credit

ECE students can receive credit for ECE 445 Senior Design (4 Hrs) by taking Senior Research ECE 496 (2 Hrs) and Senior Thesis ECE 499 (2 Hrs) on successive semesters. If the reserach project does not involve the design or testing of an electrical hardware component, then the student needs to implement a "special circuit" to fulfill the Senior Design requirement (see the ECE 445 webpage and/or contact ECE 445 Course Director, Professor Paul Carney).

ECE 496 credit is awarded only after the completion of ECE 499. Research conducted under ECE 496/499 most frequently originates from the earlier projects of students conducted under ECE 297, ECE 396, or ECE 397. Undergraduate research, including Senior Thesis, requires proactive involvement of students in seeking research topics and ideas, and finding interested research advisers --- student groups and initiatives such as HKN, IEEE Student Chapter, and PURE (Promoting Undergraduate Reseach in ECE) can help with the process. Senior Thesis ECE 499 also fulfills the Advanced Composition (formerly Composition II) requirement.

To take the ECE 496/499 Senior Research and Thesis option follow the instructions described above.