ECE 598 PV - Principles of Blockchains

Spring 2021

Principles of BlockchainsECE598PV49792OLC41230 - 1350 T R    Pramod Viswanath

Official Description

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Section Description

Principles and Design of Blockchain. This course is an introduction to blockchains, with a concrete application focus on payment systems. Bitcoin is the original distributed payment system and significant research and engineering have transpired in the decade since its birth. This course studies all the layers of a modern distributed payment system, borrowing from recent research literature. In particular, the network stack, the consensus layer, storage and computation layers and privacy and anonymity stacks are viewed holistically. The course studies fundamental tradeoffs to concrete metrics of performance: throughput, latency, security, storage, compute, privacy and how the different designs proposed in recent literature compare. Both analytical (theoretical security guarantees) comparisons and implementation-based empirical performances will be explored in the course. Prerequisites: Probability (ECE 313), programming in Python/C++, algorithms (CS 473) and networking (ECE/CS 438).